Work With Schools


Tololwa Mollel is available for presentations and work in schools, libraries and communities. He does presentations and storytelling in schools, young writers’ conferences, as well as workshops on writingstorytelling, and storytelling and writing combined, in programs that he can adapt for various curricular needs as well as for all grade levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and for adults. He is also available to conduct workshops on writing, storytelling and story performance with drama for teachers and librarians in schools, conferences and conventions.

Through writing, storytelling and drama, Mollel hopes to empower the young, and others, with the gift of story — to write, tell, share and enjoy stories. He hopes to mentor others as he was mentored himself by others as he grew up and over the years. Of his work with schools and libraries and communities, Mollel says, “I aim to provide a feast of words – written and spoken — for the eye, the ear and the mind; as well as for the creative imagination, and for performance.”

For more information and to schedule him at your school, library or community, contact Tololwa Mollel