African Story & Song Performance

In this program Tololwa Mollel and Namibian-born musician and singer Garth Prince , work in various ways on an African Story and Song program in which schools have the following options:

Performance Residency


This option consists of Tololwa and/or Garth spending a creative whole week in a school. We prepare students to perform a script of an African story with us at the end of the week. The audience consists of parents and the community. We immerse the audience in an African world using music, dramatic form, simple student-made stage properties, and other artistic and performance elements. The option is proving increasingly popular, so book a week or more with Garth and Tololwa as early as you can to get one of the limited residencies they offer in a year.


Should you want a customized residency that lasts for more or less than a week Garth and Tololwa, who have vast experience and expertise between them to adapt to various situations, will accommodate your needs.

Residency Outcomes

You will be free to define learning outcomes, whether in Music, Literacy, Social Studies or Language Arts.

Assembly Concert

Enjoy a performance – with student participation – of the story Subira Subira by Tololwa and Garth and an accompanist. It is the story of a girl called Tatu. Making use of a magical song, Tatu learns that much is possible with patience and courage. The story has been adapted for performance by Tololwa from his book Subira Subira.

Take Away

Students get:

  • to learn a bit of Swahili, Africa’s most widely spoken language
  • to sing along the melodious Swahili song “Subira Subira” in the story
  • a short Q and A with Garth and Tololwa, who grew up in very different parts of Africa!

The book Subira Subira is available on Amazon, the Edmonton Public Library system.

Other Books

Choose one of Tololwa’s many books for your African “African Story and Music Performance Residency!” See information on Tololwa’s books.

Other Stories

Commission Tololwa and Garth to create a new story and new music for performance for your school. Contact Tololwa or Garth for more details about this.


Both Garth and Tololwa work individually with small manageable groups and/or classes in a school, for a span of time agreed upon.

African Song

If you are interested in doing an African song with the group or class, contact Garth.


If you are interested in a writing or storytelling project for your project, contact Tololwa.

What to Do Next

To book an African Story and Song Performance or to find our more about fees and grants, contact Garth Prince  or Tololwa Mollel.

To learn more about Garth Prince and what he does visit his website.