Presentations & Storytelling

Tololwa Mollel is comfortable presenting to audiences of all ages, from Kindergarten to adults. His presentations include storytelling, with the type and amount of stories in a session to suit grade level. Mollel likes to share African stories, some with parallels in other cultures, including well known European and other tales. Below is the basic information about Mollel’s presentations for various grade levels. Prior to a visit, Mollel likes to discuss with his hosts details about expectations and adaptation requirements for his presentations for grade levels, curricular and other needs in a school or community or at a library. To schedule a visit and for further details on his presentations including fees, contact Tololwa Mollel

Grade: Description:
K - 2

Mollel engages younger students with participatory storytelling and interactive exchange, and does brief dramatic demonstration of the writing and publishing process, touching on the role of author, illustrator and publisher. He shares with them brief personal stories they can identify with, from his African background, including his introduction into the magical world of books and writing. He also reads to them from his books. He schedules a question and answer segment within a session.

3 - 4

With this level, Mollel feels comfortable sharing a more detailed talk about the writing process, and to use his books for examples. He shares written and oral stories for the students’ enjoyment as well as to provide instructive examples about select aspects of the writing process and storytelling.

5 - 6

Mollel shares excerpts from his books and plays to illustrate to students the demands the writing process places on a writer of fiction, nonfiction and other genres in creating character, developing themes, making use of setting and advancing the plot. He discusses his sources of inspiration and shares personal stories concerning his interest in books and writing as he was growing up, and now.

Junior High

With these grade levels, Mollel shares his insights into the writing process. He demonstrates samples from his work in progress, comparing early drafts to later ones. Through the samples he shows students how he wrestles with beginnings and endings in stories, with scene work and other tasks, and how he struggles for focus, clarity, simplicity and subtlety, among other things, through much revision. He also shares with them insights about the writing process and craft by other writers.

Senior High

Mollel shares with students brief stories on writers in Canada and elsewhere, contemporary and non-contemporary. He demonstrates some of their struggles with the writing process which was or is not unlike the students’ own struggles, and he shares insights into the writing process from these writers. Mollel weaves into the discussion his own experiences as a writer, sharing samples of his own writing in various stages of revision.. For students interested, Mollel will provide avenues through which they can submit their work for publication. For other students in general, Mollel demonstrates the general basic value of writing in various spheres of life and work.

General Audience

Mollel’s many years of experience enables him to easily adapt his presentations accordingly when presenting to a general audience of adults or a mixed family audience.