In his workshops and residencies, Mollel aims to enable students to achieve an end result of which they can be proud, from which they can learn and which can inspire them. He also aims to get the students to think of themselves as writers, story makers, creators, learners, researchers, thinkers and presenters, and in some cases performers. Chief among his goals is to help students to develop confident expressive abilities in both written and oral skills, as well as to cultivate a sense of language. These are qualities, he demonstrates, that would be helpful throughout their lives whatever careers they pursue. Mollel bases his workshops and residencies on a creative partnership between himself and students, whereby both parties create out of a mutual passion: for books, writing, stories and the creative process. Mollel works in the following areas: writingstorytelling and storytelling & writing. He has developed programs that are adaptable to students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12, and even for adults. Mollel caps his residency programs with a celebration of students’ works on a special day. For the duration, structure and the group size requirements for the workshops and residencies as well as other details including fees, contact Tololwa Mollel.



In writing workshops, Mollel adopts a flexible project-based approach in his writing workshops and writing residency programs which he can tailor to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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In storytelling workshops, Mollel makes use of engaging, resonant and compelling old tales as a basis for creative work with students.

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Storytelling & Writing

In workshops suited to all ages, Mollel guides students in storytelling and writing based on memories from their life experiences or those of others.

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