VI-IM 29b (Photo of Tololwa coaching storytellers)

In his storytelling workshops and residencies, Mollel makes use of folktales or traditional tales, an area in which he has extensive experience, as a basis for creative work with students. Mollel believes that engaging students in storytelling fosters language development, fluency and confidence in self-expression, qualities which in turn provide a foundation for literacy, enabling students to become better learners. Storytelling, he has observed, helps students to become good listeners, and to improve their oral, research, writing and presentation skills. Mollel presents storytelling and residency models below. For structure and group size and time requirements for the workshops and residencies as well as other details including fees, contact Tololwa Mollel

Grade: Description:
Model 1

In one of his workshop models adaptable to different grade levels, Mollel shares with students an engaging story. He then guides them to learn the story, making it their own, and to perform it for an audience in their own style, in groups, pairs, sub-groups, or individually. With younger students, Mollel provides them with more structure and dots to connect. With older students, he encourages them to bring more to the story, to invest it with sophisticated interpretation, thoughts, energy and advanced powers of adaptation.

Model 2

In another model where time allows, Mollel leads students to follow work on a given story with work on a story of their choice. In pairs or groups, students find a story that they can tell comfortably. In an activity that helps to develop research and literary skills, Mollel then guides students to find tell-able stories from provided storytelling resource books. Mollel guides students to learn their stories and present them as storytellers. Stories to choose from include myths of origins, of possible relevance in the science curriculum, and stories from other cultures and countries, potentially relevant in social studies.

To discuss adapting the above models, or other alternative models appropriate to you, contact Tololwa Mollel