From Lands of the Night

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When Samson, the baby brother of the little girl Ra-Eli, falls ill and only an appeal to the ancestors can save his life, his parents hold a ceremony to ask for their help. Ra-Eli’s prime themselves for visit by the ancestors but are not prepared for all the guests they get from the enigmatic ‘Lands of the Night’. During the ceremony the music is so loud it keeps God – Mola – from having a well needed rest and peace of mind to think. Angels, sent by Mola, fail to bring the disturbing but enchanting music to a stop. Less than pleased, Mola makes a dramatic appearance before the startled multitude of guests at the ceremony. Mola’s presence is but one of the strange things to happen on this wondrous night. The narrator of the story is little Ra-Eli.

From Lands of the Night begins

One day he was well. The next he had grown ill — very ill. We tried everything. We took him from one hospital to another. We prayed for him. But my baby brother grew only worse.

Then we took him to a healer.

The healer looked over Samson’s wasted body and into his eyes. Then he said to me, “Only the ancestors can save your baby brother, little girl.” He told my parents, “Hold a ceremony to honor your ancestors and ask for help, a joyful ceremony filled with guests.”

“Joyful?” my mother said. “How can we be joyful at a time like this?”

“A joyful ceremony it must be,” replied the healer. “Nothing less will bring the ancestors from their lands of the night. Let’s seek joy in hope. I’ll spread word of the ceremony”.


…powerful and inspired..

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