Kitoto the Mighty

To little Kitoto, each day brings constant danger. Even his search for food can end in disaster, especially when the sharp-eyed hawk is looking for his breakfast, too. Then Kitoto has an idea. If he could make friends with the most powerful being on the Savannah , he would never have to be afraid again.. His journey leads him to amazing places an a very remarkable discovery. With wit and humor, Tololwa Mollel weaves into the story a message to those who might seem weak and small.

Kitoto the Mighty begins

High in the sky, the hawk circled and searched. Then, swift as an arrow, he dived to the ground.

Barely ahead of the hawk’s claws, the little mouse, who had never learned to dig burrows, hid there with nothing to eat all day.

The next day, before the hawk awoke, Kitoto the mouse scurried hungrily across the Savannah. He found a fallen baobab fruit but the delicious seeds were gone. That’s when the hungry little mouse heard the sound of a roaring, rushing river.

And Kitoto had an idea.


Compelling, in a setting full of adventure.


Frost’s illustrations capture the warm colors of the African Savannah, its topography, and its animals … (and Mollel’s) retelling is wonderful.

School Library Journal

Awards & Honours

  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice List of the year’s 30 best books