Shadow Dance

In this Tanzanian tale of ingratitude that earns a suitable reward, Salome is singing a joyful song and dancing with her shadow when she hears the cries of someone in trouble. An enormous crocodile is trapped in a gully! As Salome is both a kind and a resourceful girl, she frees the crocodile and helps him back to the river. But then the wily beast does something that takes Salome by surprise, and she must think fast if she is to save her own life.

Shadow Dance begins

After a long rainy season, the sun smiled down upon the earth. Flooded fields dried and bloomed under a clear sky.

In a field near a river, little Salome rejoiced. She skipped and hopped and she sang a joyful song. “Kivuli we, pere pepere, Kivuli pere pepere, oye oyee…”

All at once, she stopped.

She heard the cry of someone in trouble. “Help, help!”


This satisfying tale of resourcefulness and comeuppance is enlivened by Perrone’s vibrant artwork.

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