To Dinner for Dinner

If anyone can outwit the mighty leopard, it is the small rabbit Juhudi. She is so clever she has already fooled leopard twice. This harvest season, however, Juhudi has run out of tricks. What is worse, she is now plumper than she has ever been, thanks to the bountiful harvest from her garden. Her good friend Fuko the mole has promised to help her, but what can a mere mole do in the face of a hungry beast?

Storyteller Tololwa M Mollel serves up a hilarious surprise in this lively tale illustrated with Synthia Saint James’s vibrant paintings

To Dinner for Dinner begins

Standing on a pumpkin, Juhudi admired her bountiful garden. As she feasted her eyes on sumptuous tomatoes and eggplants, a cold voice behind her spoke. “You’ll make a fine dinner, my little rabbit!”

Juhudi turned around in a panic.


Great fun for teller and audience…, a sure winner.

School Library Journal

Awards & Honours

  • Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Book Award