Taking place in the long time ago, the story in the play pits Land Creatures against Water Creatures. Both are ruled by terrible rulers, Land Creatures by Leopard and Water Creatures by Crocodile. The play also features the unlikely friendship between the trickster Hare, a Land Creature, and the dupe Hippopotamus, a Water Creature. This friendship plays a central role in the manner in which Land Creatures and Water Creatures outwit their respective rulers. They do so through the oft used stratagem in African folktales of a tug of war. It is of course the trickster Hare who, with the help of Hippopotamus, devices the stratagem. After gaining their freedom, Land and Water Creatures become friends and annually celebrate this friendship with a festival called Pullyupullus, at the heart of which is a playful tug of war between Land and Water Creatures, also called Pullyupullus (We pull you, You pull us) contest.

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